What is the DTCM data link?

DTCM data chain is a decentralized big data value economic ecology based on blockchain technology. As a unit of communication between users, data buyers, and data suppliers, it quantifies the value of data. The DTCM platform rewards the vast number of users who contribute anonymous big data, and provides data buyers with more efficient consumption solutions. It is committed to changing the status of ordinary users at the bottom of the biological chain and creating a more fair and transparent data transaction environment.

The cryptocurrency used to support the DTCM data chain ecology is the data chain, also called DTCM, which is issued by the Data Chain Foundation. The Data Link Foundation is a non-profit organization foundation. It is registered with the approval of the Singapore Accounting and Enterprise Development Authority (ACRA). It is mainly responsible for the issuance, development and promotion of the DTCM data link ecology.

DTCM's Core Values

DTCM's Core Values

For mineral owners, DTCM excels at reducing the operation and development cost and saving time. For customers, DTCM enables global participants to access more valuable and transparent information, such as cost performance, authentic documentations, and asset status, which can help customers make decisions promptly. In addition, DTCM provides higher liquidity for mineral assets.



  • September 1 Hong Kong Xin Network

    Listed on the Xin Network Exchange

  • September 22 Singapore Dollar Jun

    Launched on Binjun Exchange

  • September 30 British Stark

    Go live on Stark

  • October Hong Kong Fubit

    Launched on Hong Kong Fubit Exchange

  • October GOKO Goku Exchange

    GOKO Exchange goes live

  • Coming soon on more exchanges

    At least 10 top 50 exchanges


Project Announcement

Certificate of Registration of Company



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